MBT For Healthy
It’s a question of balance

When walking in MBTs, the ground no longer feels flat and stable, so the body has to compensate and create stability. The key to the function of MBTs is the curved sole construction. Its integrated balancing area requires an active and controlled rolling movement and can help the body to improve balance and posture while standing and walking.

Science under your feet

The MBT Academy is our central R&D facility, providing a forum for our ongoing dialogue with international experts and researchers in the fields of clinical medicine, physiotherapy and sports. Here we test, verify and optimize the effects of MBT footwear on the human body.
Over 40 research projects have been undertaken with universities in Europe and North America and several studies have been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals. Such peer-reviewed studies are evaluated by researchers in relevant fields, and are only recommended for publication if they meet certain expected standards of expertise.